The Schism is Nigh!

Polls of Republictan voters are showing that the game changing, eye opening, blockbuster taped comments that were released on Friday didn’t change a damn thing for Trump supporters. Which is really, really bad news for GOP candidates who now feel (appropriately) the moral compulsion to drop Trump like a steaming, throbbing pile of putrificient alien snot.  Single minded Trump supporters are now more likely to vote for their steaming, throbbing pile of putrificient alien snot candidate and leave the box unchecked for those that forsook his snottiness.

74% of Republicans said the party should still support him

13% said they shouldn’t

And after 16 months of nonsense we should not be surprised that they really are deplorable and proud of it. Fine. Trump is finished, his political career over. He’s only thinking of his media start up that begins on Nov. 9. But possession of the Senate just probably moved decisively to the Dems. as GOP turn out for close Senate races figures to now be depressed as Trump has declared war on his party. Candidates like Kelly Ayotte, who just days ago in a debate said Trump would be a role model for kids, and had to walk it back, and then 3 days later had to withdraw all support for him, is now floating in no woman’s land.  For moderates she was tied to him by the neck for way too long. And for the Trump base she just betrayed him. That dynamic plays out in races all over the country.

But it’s not like there’s relief here for those, like Marco Rubio, who have not disengaged from Trump. The heinousness of what Trump said is still going to give his opponent (Patrick Murphy) an armory of ammunition to use against Rubio, which should depress his support, while the likelihood of Rubio expanding his support from Trumpers is low. Nobody else is getting on the Trump train. There may not be that many jumping off, but surely nobody else is getting on.

This campaign is a sort of Vietnam-like quagmire for GOP candidates and there’s no peace with honor available for them, only loss and confusion.



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