Trump Threatens Banana Republic Tactics, Media Notices. But GOP’s Been Doing it Since 90s

This should have been the big takeaway last night, he threatened jail for his political opponent. It is the most vile and disturbing thing he did even with glowering Golem-like behind her all night, lying, sniffing, and saying ridiculous things. And media took notice of his anti-American threat. I just have to say one thing not being said: the GOP have been using 3rd world, banana republic tactics since the 90s to derail democracy and progress in this country.

  • endless investigations
  • obstruction of democratic processes
  • demonization of their opponents
  • capture of legal and civil offices so they do not carry out their duties
  • government shutdowns

They haven’t jailed anybody without due process (well, maybe they haven’t, ask former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman) or resorted to murder yet. But we know their base would be fine with it. It’s what they have been yelling at rallies since 2008 at least.

Media never noticed any of that stuff? They’ve been covering it like a sporting event with “who won/who lost” urgency since Newt Gingrich took over the House in 1994. Sad that all of those anti-democratic tactics have been internalized as normal. They’re not and our democracy has been suffering ever since.



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