Reverse of Usual, as Usual

What’s unusual about the Trump situation vis-a-vis women, besides almost everything, is this:

Conventional Situation –

  • Candidate is assumed upstanding and moral
  • Person accuses candidate of impropriety
  • Candidate then is forced to admit to immoral behavior

Trump Situation –

  • Trump admits on countless tapes and videos that he commits sexual assault, lecherous acts  and takes liberties with women
  • Women come forth confirming his admissions
  • Trump denies both his own admissions and their accusations.

Even with this Trump marches to his own irrational and annoying drummer.

And it can never be said enough that the Republican Party did this to itself. It was warned not to trust Trump and certainly don’t get in bed with him.  Trump reached under the Party’s skirts and fiddled with the Party’s danger zone.  In this one case slut shaming is totally appropriate. The Party wanted it, brought it on itself and it loved it!!


Trump is as transparent as he is stupid, so no excuses for his enablers.

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