Cuomo Knew Too. Why?

It’s been a pleasure to be proven so so right about the sleazy, petty, power abusing and completely corrupt Chris Christie.  I often think about the people I debated when he first ran for governor who wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, when I had no doubt at all. I hope they think of me too and how right I was! HA! Suck it wrong people!!

That his undoing was something so utterly stupid and again, petty, is I suppose appropriate. Merely mismanaging the state, lying about budgets, pensions, pretty much everything, bullying average people, etc. would never be enough to bring down a media darling like Christie. So it had to be something like the inconceivable shutting down of traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge and then lying about it that destroyed his reputation and ended any possible continuation of a career in public office (although I don’t think he would have any future anyway in NJ).

In an affair that was so utterly mind boggling we now have a topper, being that three people have testified that NY Governor Cuomo had discussions with Christie about the lane closures. Cuomo was reportedly asked to muzzle his representative on the Port Authority, Pat Foye, who was raising alarms about the “traffic study”. Cuomo denied any discussion, and then finally a narrower denial that just spanned whether he was asked to muzzle Foye.  If there’s any truth to the allegations it means that Cuomo, a Democrat, helped Christie allude quicker exposure by not backing Foye and telling Christie and his minions that NY would cooperate with any and all questions about the abuse of power. Period.

Even as Foye and some others were pushing for investigation on the matter they were protecting Cuomo’s exposure.

Go ahead, shake head, smack palm to forehead, say “WHAT?” and then say “WHY?” and go about your day once again reminded that there’s no bottom to the barrel.

I remember when Cuomo was an up and comer like Christie.  I just wonder who the next mancrush will be for Morning Joe and the other hacktacular hacks of hacktown.  They must be relieved that the exposure of their lack of judgment was overshadowed by the continuing implosion of Trump.  Oh yeah they gave him a forum every fucking morning for over a year too. Of course they did.


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