And the Clinton Outrage Cycle Continues

Jesse Berney in Rolling Stone lays it out.  It’s a perpetual motion machine.  At risk of violating fair use:

You start with the assumption that Hillary Clinton is corrupt.

After all, there have been whispers and accusations and investigations and allegations and scandals with ominous names like WHITEWATER and BENGHAZI for years. Even if you can’t describe exactly what she’s done wrong, there must be something to all these stories, right?

And when you investigate endlessly, you find evidence. Emails and documents and memos and call logs and testimony. It adds up to thousands of pages, millions of words, piles of binders that make the perfect dramatic prop in a hearing room.

And we know all those documents must be suspicious. After all, they appeared because there was an investigation into corruption, so they must be evidence of something. Plus, there are just so darn many of them.

And with all that suspicious evidence, the conclusion is clear: Hillary Clinton is corrupt. And if she’s corrupt, we have to investigate her. And if we investigate her, we’ll uncover evidence. And if we find evidence, it must be suspicious. So she must be corrupt. So we have to investigate her.

And on and on it goes. For decades.

And over and over again smug TV talking heads will say it’s all Hillary’s fault, if she was just more forthcoming, or less secretive or smiled more, or more likable.

And no the answer wasn’t for the Democrats to nominate somebody else and reject her. The answer is to reject modern Republicanism. Make them prove something or shut up. And if they go on with no proof, you don’t put them on TV or radio or talk to them at all because, guess what? They have no credibility.

At long last America have you no shame?


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