This election is a referendum

on how many rational people are left in the country.

No matter what, we’ll know on Nov. 9 how many bat shit crazies we have got to endure and overcome to have nice things in this country (make us great again?).

But make no mistake, there’s no there there. You don’t get to rationalize a vote for such an unprecedentedly unqualified and dangerous con man. Think pieces on how these people must be listened to will make me break things.

Don’t tell me about how the Democrats lost the white working class. If those people left the Democrats that’s on them, because the Republicans sure as hell haven’t  done anything, ANYTHING, for working people white or otherwise since Eisenhower built highways. Don’t rationalize to me how anybody who works for a paycheck decides the Republicans are better for their jobs or economics, there’s no there there.

One thought on “This election is a referendum

  1. The unfortunate answer is that it is a stupid country. Vast majority don’t understand issues. Trump hides taxes. Then, it turns out he evades them. Cheats and fails in biz repeatedly. Abuses women. Knows nothing. Has a hair trigger temper with irrational reactions. None of it stops people from voting for him. And now he looks like a viable candidate because of polls. Be afraid. Be very afraid

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