Tuesday Sick Blogging

I’ve had a cold and general malaise (thanks Jimmy Carter!) so I’ve been sucky at blogging when all the shit went down.

Speaking of sick.  The Green Party endorsed Trump. Yeah, that happened.  I know not all Greens are that delusional and lost, which is why they’re polling like 1 or 2 % in swing states (which is still too much).  But sadly, that’s  a Facebook post from the Social Media Director of the Stein campaign (such that it is).

She cites MLK in her post.  Does she imagine that MLK would have endorsed  Trump in this election over Clinton?  Did he endorse Goldwater over Johnson?  No.  He would have found this assertion pretty ridiculous:

“[I]f a Trump presidency would mean that we have to fight ignorants in the streets—I’m ready for that. I know that kind of racism.”

But Clinton’s kind of racism is “dangerous!”

Now that’s a legitimate loon.

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