Again with the Germans and their Energy Smartness

The world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger train is coming to Germany in December 2017!

What?  It’s actually from a French company, but will be introduced in Germany.  It’s hydrogen powered, so emits only steam.

The super-quiet Coradia iLint passenger train is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which emit only steam and condensed water. A hydrogen fuel tank stored on the roof of the train powers the fuel cells to produce electrical energy. Alstom said it hopes its hydrogen-fueled trains can replace Europe’s many diesel-burning ones, which are still in wide use despite numerous electrification projects across the continent.


Hydrogen has been in development seemingly forever, for automotive and aeronautic applications. Well here it is.  And of course, it’s Germany, not America. Because dedication to a concept is the first step in innovation and implementation. Germany is dedicated to completely changing their energy profile to renewables.  One of America’s two big political parties believes Jesus created oil and coal and the Chinese created the hoax of climate change. So no competition there.


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