It’s 3 Weeks to Thanksgiving. How is that possible?

Okay, so we’re only 5/6 and a few days through 2016 but if Thanksgiving is around the corner, then it’s Christmas and New Years and 2016 WENT SO FUCKING FAST.  This has to be a time record for a year’s passing. They can say it’s the standard 365 days, but somebody is rigging the calendar!!

Many would say 2016 couldn’t pass fast enough because of Electpocalypse 2016 and the attendant stress of having our collective future in the hands of our fellow citizens, but still.

Hopefully, after next Tuesday much stress and anxiety will be relieved and we can have the Best Christmas Ever!  If we dodge this despicable and ignorant orange bullet I will hit new levels of grateful, thankful and joyous.

Until then, it’s like we’re all in the last of the 9th with 2 out and 2 strikes, Hillary on the mound.  Fingers crossed, heart racing, ass on the edge of seat, silent prayers composed even in atheist hearts.

I envision:  Strike 3!  America did it!  America is the 2016 champion!

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