Thoughts and Questions

I wonder if we’ll get any polling like Brexit where people say “I voted for him, but I didn’t think he’d win.”

Looks like turnout was depressed.  All those people who asked if these two candidates were the best we could come up with weren’t bluffing. They stayed home.  The stakes did not move them. To the extent any traditionally nonpartisan people were moved to vote at all it was for the anti-establishment candidate, massive flaws and all.

There are political/social norms that cannot be violated or changed.  It may seem like it, but we are not in the Upside Down.  There are reasons for what transpired and we’ll know them when all the data is crunched and parsed.  Many Americans were uninspired enough to vote for her and many also despised her enough to vote against her.  The key line of the campaign may have been from SNL:

Trump:  I’m still in this?  You must really hate this woman.

Clinton:  Yes, they do.

I say this not to jump on Hillary, who is very admirable in many ways.  I say it to say that I do not believe it is naive to say that all the things that Trump has done, the despicable behaviors that his voters ignored as a private citizen and a candidate, will not be ignored if he does them as president.  He got a pass, but it’s not unlimited.

The man from the Al Smith Dinner cannot be seen in public again.  If the thin skinned ass from the debates comes out he’ll get smacked around in all corners, especially by those who put their faith in him to be presidential. I do believe that.

So many questions:

How much did Comey effect this?  She was significantly ahead in polls at that point with momentum.  
Would Bernie have done better?
Is this actually good for the GOP and bad for the Dems?  Or is it just a reaction to Trump and anti-establishment?
Is it that we’ll never elect a woman, or was it this woman at this time?
I don’t suggest we try to answer these today, and we may never have complete answers to them.  But collecting questions. LOL!

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