We Will Dissent

Michelle Goldberg lauds Sen. Harry Reid’s fire. While reliably conservative collaborationists like Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia called it “an absolute embarrassment.”

Lord knows Manchin thinks he has to say shit like that to protect his seat in red WV that is up in 2 years.  And we actually need Manchin to keep that seat, as painful as it is to recognize. But with all due respect, Senator just shut the fuck up and do your job. If asked just say, “that’s Harry, the scamp, he’s retiring and can say what he likes.”

Better yet Joe, why not say, “I think Trump is a liar and a fraud who has conned a lot of good people in my state, but I’ll work with him if he actually proposes anything that would help West Virginians.” Was that so hard? Sheesh!

Why oh why do Democrats get on the TV and clutch their pearls when a protester claims “he’s not my president”.  1. They said it about Obama for 8 years when he was 100% legit. Trump may be the legally elected president, but he ran a bad faith campaign full of lies and lost the pop. vote, so he may be the president, but excuse me if I say “He ain’t my president!”; 2. It doesn’t make our side look bad, it does make us look like we’ve grown the balls to say we are dissenters now, we are the opposition, we will be active anti-Trump protesters; 3. give people who are angry and grieving some fucking room to breathe, will ya? We’re supposed to be on the same side; 4. We want ideas for how to counter the injustices and excesses, but criticizing language is too goddamn “Committee for the Purity of our Protest” for me. Really, just don’t.


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