Fox News on at The Gym – My Mortal Enemy

Of course there are 10 other TVs so I can look away, but it’s vexing, still.

Last night Tucker Carlson was doing a report about political violence, and predictably it was about a guy in NY who was “hit” because he was wearing Trump gear.  There was no sound but I didn’t see any actual bruises, cuts or injury, despite their focusing on his face as if there were any.  Maybe I just missed it.  Or maybe he had been really good looking before this “assault” and now he was just the usual white guy.  I don’t know.

But lord are they predictable, a story about political violence ignores the hundreds of hate crimes going on around the country and focuses on the TrumpBro who got his feelings hurt.


Oh and by the way the latest conservative obsession is college campus protests, how students who are upset by the election are pussies and if the campuses provide any counseling they should lose their federal funding.  Yeah, really.  In the meantime, some student at Rutgers called the police about his Trump hating professor of gender studies (pal, if you take gender studies you will meet liberals) and they hauled him off for a psyche evaluation.

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