Why Do American “Nationalists” Love Russia So Much and Other Alarming Questions

And not just American nationalist, white-nationalist, alt-right fascist types – the Brits, Germans, French, wherever you have hard right authoritarian movements they want to be all kissy face with Putin and profess solidarity with Russia.

Putin is funding them all. He’s spreading that Russian oligarch money all over and duping these people that they all have the right stuff to lead a 500 year Reich of manly men back to traditional conservative societies. No open borders, no immigration, no race mixing, no multi-culturalism and liberalism, period. No gays. A return to traditional respect for religion and the church, traditional male-female gender roles – a restoration of the full patriarchy and repudiation of the human rights movements of the 20th and 21st centuries.

This well researched post from Quaid on Daily Kos is worth a long read and click through a to some of the links.

Putting 2 and 2 together here it’s not hard to figure out Putin’s game. Forge brotherhood with white nationalist movements in the U.S. and other NATO countries, bring them to power through money, propaganda and hacking and then he has free reign to get the old Soviet band back together. Crimea was just the opening note, just a throat clearing. The rest of Ukraine, Georgia, the Baltic states, all part of Russia again. And then the old satellites like Poland have to choose to realign with Russia because the bear is always just over their shoulder.

Putin wants America and NATO flaccid.  But if all goes as planned President Donald Trump, President LePen of France, Angela Merkel’s successor, etc. will all be happy to accommodate Russian aggression, applaud it.

If these bulwarks of democracy are reduced to phony photo-op democracies like Russia, goodbye human rights everywhere.

For America this means real unrest until we’re completely pacified. Latinos go home. Blacks can go home or become slaves again. It’s a 500 year plan to repurify the races.

Trump gets his fondest wish – a real dynasty with statues of him everywhere and his name in the history books. Eventually Presidents Ivanka (first woman president) and Barron (first child of the corn president) will carry on his name and his superior DNA.

I wonder if Putin has a daughter for Barron to wed and consolidate the alignment?

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