So Presidential

“Fidel Castro is dead!”

That’s Trump’s entire tweet about the death of Fidel Castro.

I guess we should be grateful he didn’t tweet “Loser Fidel Castro is dead! Good! Will build tremendous hotel in Havana! Best!”

I never understood how Cuban-Americans, the ones who left the country after the revolution, were always the loudest voices about what should happen in Cuba. The people who left, and cried about the assets their families lost, were perfectly okay with the brutal oligarchy that ran Cuba in conjunction with the Mafia, keeping the vast majority of the Cuban people in peasantry. They cared so much about their fellow Cubans still on the island that they adamantly promoted the 50 year embargo on economic dealings with the island that helped to keep them in poverty.

Cuban-Americans are the epitome of grievance and identity politics that Republicans say they revile. But hey, they always voted Republican so not hypocritical! People who vote Democratic don’t get to use hyphens, so un-American (oops, a hyphen).


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