An Entire Government of Brownies

George W. Bush, to his everlasting shame, had named Michael Brown a former counsel for the Arabian Show Horse league, or whatever, to be the head of FEMA.  Bush called him “Brownie” as in “heckuva job Brownie” in one of the many quotes of the Bush years that makes the skin crawl.  So “Brownie” will be forever known as the guy who headed the government agency tasked to help the people of Louisiana deal with and recover from Hurricane Katrina, but instead watched a city drown.

“Brownie” was unqualified for the job. His being named for the job evidenced a lack of seriousness in governing and a complete lack of understanding of how important that job is.  Lives depend on the person in that job.

Donald Trump is naming an entire government of Brownies.  Arrogant people unqualified, incompetent and ignorant of the responsibilities of their positions.  With the slightest bit of humility they’d have demurred the offer, but like Trump they imagine they’re brilliant people, and how hard can it be to run the Treasury Department?

From the WH down to the lowest levels of the lowest cabinet department we can expect Brownies.

There is one important proviso to this and that is that Trump’s Brownies aren’t just incompetent, they’re also malicious and have an agenda to push that nobody voted for.

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