The Case for The Electoral College to Save Us

By Historian and sensemaker Robert McIlvane, Hamilton vs. Trump.

Whenever anyone suggests that Electors not vote for the candidate who carried their state, the media refer to it as a “Faithless Elector” plan. In fact, it is the opposite. In voting for someone other than a person who is unfit for office and was helped to his electoral vote lead by a foreign power, such Electors would be faithful to the intent of the Framers. Call them “Faithful Electors.”

Just imagine the decibel level of the outcry from Mr. Trump and Republicans if he had won the election by more than two million votes and there was strong evidence that his opponent had been massively aided by clandestine Russian attacks on the Republican nominee, but the Electoral College was poised to make her President. Yet, with the shoe on the other foot as our nation is hurtling towards an abyss deeper than the Mariana Trench, pusillanimous Democrats and people in the media do nothing but wring their hands.

Yeah, that, do that.  Just 37 electors of good faith can save us and deliver justice to Putin, the Trumps and the cynical Republicans going along with this cockeyed caravan in order to impose their agenda of deregulation, privatization and Christianist moralizing on a public that didn’t vote for that at all.

The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves at the prospect of the institution they devised to block from the office of chief magistrate an incompetent demagogue or someone placed there by a hostile foreign power being utilized instead to put in that position someone who is both.

And then get rid of the stupid Electoral College that caused this idiocy in the first place.

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