Trump Surrogate Says: “there are no such things as facts”

Scottie Nell Hughesm one of the dimmer bulbs on the Trump Fun House Make-Up Mirror of surrogatesm made real journalists heads explode when, in regards to lies told by the Trump campaign, she asserted on Diane Rehm’s NPR radio show:

“this is all a matter of opinion” and “there are no such things as facts.”

Time prints the findings of social scientists on the power of fake news – spoiler alert, the fake news is effective when it corroborates something the reader already believes.  There’s a lot of focus on where the news comes from, generally social media.  But Fox News and right wing talk radio has mastered this propaganda technique over 30 years.  Create a myth, keep repeating it, and then keep backing it up with spin.  Passing off nonsense over Facebook that credulous people took serious is just the latest atrocity against honor, truth and respect for facts.

At some point people in media who do respect facts are gong to have to realize every assertion of obvious bullshit needs to be called out and when someone repeatedly tries to pass off bullshit as fact, you say “buh bye” to that person.  They have lost the right to go on the TV.

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