The Pessimist – My Two (Biggest) Fears


Not bears.  Had one bear sighting at my house in 12 years.

1.   I am pretty scared that we’ll have another financial meltdown as Trump and his cabinet remind me of nothing less than a less savvy or aware Herbert Hoover surrounded by even more rapacious and clueless billionaires.  The economic policies they are espousing have always lead to economic tragedies, it’s just a matter of how deep the valley goes.

Hope I’m completely wrong because my retirement can’t stand a decade of stasis, no less downturn.

2. War in the Middle East.  Trump said he didn’t want any more entanglements but everybody around him (his defense and national security nominations especially) and his rhetoric are belligerent towards Iran and they, irrationally and stupidly, want to back out of the Iran Agreement.  But more frightening is that Trump cannot help but follow the Bush model of going to war in the effort to bolster his all important approval rating. An ego that fragile will not be able to stand a low 30s approval rating with protests everywhere he goes.  The way to rally the people who voted for him and demonize the protesters is to carry the American flag (that he’s so against burning) into war taking his demagoguery up to 11.

Logically Trump’s march to war won’t work because a large proportion of people who voted for him bought his anti-war rhetoric and even believed that Hillary was the one who was taking us to war with Russia.  Also, too in addition, the country really, really doesn’t want any more war in the Middle East, especially against much larger armies than the Taliban or Isis.

Do we have to rub his belly and say nice things to him to keep him from blowing up the world?  I’d rather rub a bear.

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