If GOP Kills Obamacare Without a Replacement Dems Should Vow it’s Single Payer or Nothing

One of the cockamamie plans GOPers are coming up with is to force a partial Obamacare repeal through Congress and then with the policies of 20,000,000 people thrown into chaos and uncertainty look to Democrats to fix it.

The latest is that Republicans will repeal Obamacare right away in January using a process called budget reconciliation, which lets them repeal budgetary items with just 51 votes in the Senate. Then, Republicans will enact a self-imposed deadline roughly three years from now before they have to pass a replacement plan. How much of the existing Obamacare elements will limp along until then remains unclear, and whether you can repeal some but not all of Obamacare without causing it to collapse is a big open question.

Democrats should be clear that if the GOP does this there’s only one plan they will work on or vote on and that’s a Medicare for All, single payer system that doesn’t rely on a complex insurance company-centric scheme.

Dems aren’t bailing you idiots out without a real plan to help the most people that can’t be taken away.  No more scams!

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