Pretty Hard to Normalize Trump Cabinet

Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio got invitations to meet with the Der Pumpkinfuhrer and they went and talked about their concerns and Trump nominated a non-scientist, oil industry shill and climate change denier as EPA chief.

Ya think anybody can really influence this guy?  Nobody really influences him and he’s way, way, WAY more ideologically conservative and corporatist than anyone imagined.  All that nebulousness about policy and belief wasn’t masking a secret liberalism or even a malleability that could be exploited.  He’s a full blown flashback to the gilded age.

This group is Harding, Coolidge and Hoover on steroids.  Old fashioned traditionalists on social issues, religion and economics who HAVE the benefit of having seen all of their policies completely repudiated in the 20th, no less 21st century and yet trudge on pushing their patriarchal social theories and Chicago school economics back up the hill.  These people might as well be filmed only in black and white as they roll back everything from the New Deal on.

Appropriately, he’s facing more hatred and dissent than any incoming president in history.  Half of his nominations should not make it through a senate confirmation (but it’s up to those Republicans with their feet still on the Earth to make that happen).

On the other hand, the media is largely still treating him as the curiosity he was during the campaign. Or they’re bending over backwards to report on his comings and goings with a patina of normalcy that they have to apply because there’s NO NORMAL HERE.

By the way media, nothing he said during his campaign can be relied on.  He is full of shit all the time in all ways.  He doesn’t remember what he said so it doesn’t matter anyway. Follow what he does!  Follow the money!!

He’s the perfect president for a post-truth, post-ethics, post-honor nation.  Might as well just announce all laws null and void.  A giant free for all.  Might makes right.  Bullies rule.

Trump and gang are the Lewis and Clark of stupid, blazing new trails.  Exciting times.

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