Just Wondering

Is it possible that Trump and his people just  don’t know anything about the 21st century? Not that they’re trying to bring us back to pre-New Deal, Gilded Age policies, they just don’t know about any of it.

Imagine that their rationale for hiring Rick Perry for the Energy Dept. is that he comes from a state with lots of oil.  That made sense in say 1940.  Since then the Energy Dept. has been more about nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants than oil.  Do they know?

All of his billionaire nominees may well never have seen their Social Security payments, never used their Medicare benefits.  It’s possible they don’t know anybody who does.

Public schools?  Any of these people go to any or enroll their kids in any?  Unlikely.

Trump spokesman, investment banker Anthony Scaramucci said today on CNN that climate change is not a thing and science has made a lot of mistakes.

“There was overwhelming science that the earth was flat and there was an overwhelming science that we were the center of the world,” Scaramucci added. “We get a lot of things wrong in the scientific community.”

“I am not a scientist”

What do you mean “we get a lot of things wrong” Mr. Non-Scientist?

The more I think about it, the more they just all seem like throwbacks to characters in a Marx Brothers movie.  They’re all harumphing plutocrats in tails exasperated at the hijinks of the poor Jewish kids that grew up on the Lower East Side running circles around them.  “Why they probably don’t know which is the salad fork.”

The Trumpists are the revenge of the .01% who have everything but the undying adulation of the public.  What they always hate the most is the disrespect and disregard.  They see your resentment and raise you umbrage.  All that money and privilege and they’re the most sensitive flowers who just want to be loved.  They made billions or millions or helped people make billions or millions, they must be smarter than you.  Why don’t you see that?

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