NY Times Today Worth Their Salt

The stories about the illegal hacking of the DNC, comparing it with Watergate are breathtaking and frustrating.

The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

The D.N.C.’s fumbling encounter with the F.B.I. meant the best chance to halt the Russian intrusion was lost. The failure to grasp the scope of the attacks undercut efforts to minimize their impact. And the White House’s reluctance to respond forcefully meant the Russians have not paid a heavy price for their actions, a decision that could prove critical in deterring future cyberattacks.

The opinion piece from Dahlia Lithwick and David Cohen is heartbreakingly on point.

Buck Up Democrats and Fight Like Republicans.

If you’ve been asking yourself “Where are the Democrats?” you’re not alone.

As Monday’s Electoral College vote approaches, Democrats should be fighting tooth and nail. Instead, we are once again left with incontrovertible proof that win or lose, Republicans behave as if they won while Democrats behave as if they lost. What this portends for the next four years is truly terrifying.

And Tillerson Put Exxon Above American Policy.

As Rachel Maddow showed on her Tuesday show, Exxon was making its own foreign policy that ignored stated goals of the State Dept. in order to maximize its own profits.

“They are very powerful in the region, and they couldn’t care less about what the State Department wants to do,” Jean-François Seznec, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, a research group in Washington, said of Exxon Mobil’s pursuits in the Middle East.

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