Thorny Questions: Should the Electors Reject Trump or Would That Be Worse?

That’s a question going around on radio and such.  Talk of blood baths if the Trumpkins are disappointed, etc.  My quick answer is: what the fuck are you talking about?

24% of the country voted for Trump.

25% voted for Clinton, 51% didn’t vote at all.

How the hell are we afraid of pissing off 24% of the country even if they are the best armed 24%?  How do we let 24% hijack the other 76%, especially with a mistake?  A colossal fuck up!  We are witnessing a slow moving train wreck with his cabinet with $14 billion dollars and his tweeting against companies and individuals and his insane business conflicts. How would you rationalize NOT stopping that if you could?

Fox News did a poll about how history will judge Trump’s presidency.  This is how little optimism there is out there for this crap:   a plurality of registered voters think he’s going to be One of the Worst presidents ever.  43% say below average or worse.


He got 46% of the vote, but 36% are optimistic about it.  That means 10% just held their nose and mostly voted against Clinton.

Come on.  If you can stop the train wreck now, you do it.



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