This? No!

The media has a long learning curve when money is involved and it looks like they’re going to take awhile to figure out what happened in this election and the danger our democracy is in.

So A&E is planning a show around today’s KKK.  Not a documentary, a reality show.  This is a big no!  It’s not exposure, it’s normalization.  That’s just how it works today.  The more something is on TV, the more it’s given the imprimatur of main stream.  Whether it’s Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump or the KKK.  The more you show something or someone that wants your attention, wants to take over your consciousness, the more you are helping them do that.

I get that Americans have no memory of how fascism grew in Europe and yes, even here in America.  But is it really so foreign that we can’t adjust on the fly?


Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden in 1934.  Daily News Archives.

Clearly we are taking democratic institutions and norms for granted and we’re just sort of gobsmacked that others don’t and we don’t know what to do.  But also clearly, acting like it’s not happening is not the way to deal with it.

Yes, he’s going to be president.  And yes, you are going to have to cover him.  But how you cover him is going to be very important.  The press will be judged by history.  They are the first line of defense for our fragile democracy.  If we’re to survive, they’re going to have to be stronger than this.



Of course Trump is smiling like he did when he humiliated Romney.  The night before this picture he once again pointed to these people, called these people “extremely dishonest” and told his followers they were the enemy.  And he’ll do it again next time he gets in front of a crowd. If you’re in this picture and he does it again, making his rabid crowd froth and yell at you with hate in their eyes and you think, “but… but  I had cocktails with him and Melania, I thought he liked me.”  Maybe then you’ll understand and be embarrassed.  I hope so.

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