Las Vegas Muni Facilities 100% Solar Powered

Vegas baby! is on its way to having all of those billions of bulbs that light up the sky for 50 miles in every direction completely solar powered.

And why not?  It’s surrounded by a sun baked desert for cripes sake.  Every city in the southwest should be powered like this within 10 years.

Of course, this doesn’t change my view that these massive urban desert oases shouldn’t exist in the first place because they are not supported by native water supplies.  But my objection about their only being able to exist because of the oil, coal and gas burned to power millions of air conditioners all year round is going away. So WINNING!

Mayor Carolyn Goodman said that the city has become a “world leader in sustainability.”

Great because before this all it could say was that it was the world leader in $4.99 buffet breakfasts!  It’s also one of the top five cities for walks of shame.
Get Wayne Newton solar powered and then we’ve really got something!
Where you at Phoenix??


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