Another Reason Not to Worry (Long Term)

I’m taking the low road on this very serious piece by David Dayen in the Fiscal Times (America’s Biggest Crisis has Nothing to Do With Donald Trump) about the pain, opioid addiction, depression, heart disease, diabetes and lower life expectancy in small town America.  The demographics of the country still point to a more urban, pluralistic and progressive future.  And if rural America is further decimated by the horrible decision making of those left behind by largely Republican anti-worker policies that they voted for, then maybe I will not shed a tear for them.

Add this all up and you get the incredible finding that life expectancy fell in 2015 for the first time since 1993 (the height of the AIDS crisis). In other words, we’re looking at something akin to a new plague. And it’s a localized plague, with deep impacts on middle-aged rural whites.

Ailments like cardiovascular disease and cancer are increasing significantly in Appalachia and the South, while dropping along the coasts.

Get some exercise and eat that kale, liberal!!

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