Where Did This Come From?

About the only positive I can think of if Trump and Putin really did have the cozy buddy buddy relationship it seems they have (although, I’m afraid they’re more like George and Lennie from “Of Mice and Men”) is that they could, COULD, agree to further dismantle the too large and aging stockpiles of nuclear weapons the two countries hold on to.

Then completely out of the blue, Trump announces not just that he wants to modernize our nuclear arsenal (which is needed, the stories of nuclear weapons system degradation and here are alarming), but also expand it (which is a stupid boondoggle).  And then oh yeah, let’s get into an arms race with Russia once again!


Not strengthening and expanding would be a step towards coming to its senses, no?

By the way, the person in charge of our nuclear stockpile will be the guy who came in 12th in Dancing With the Stars.

This morning, back on Morning Joe sitting all cozy with Squint and the Meat Puppet he says this:

“Let it be an arms race”

To which Putin adds:

“Of course the U.S. has more missiles, submarines and aircraft carriers, but what we say is that we are stronger than any aggressor, and this is the case,” he said, according to the New York Times, adding: “As for Donald Trump, there is nothing new about it, during his election campaign he said the U.S. needs to bolster its nuclear capabilities and its armed forces in general.”

Is this their dangerous game?  Waste billions on a fake game of chicken and each of them steal a percentage of those billions in kickbacks.

Putin is already the richest man in the world with estimates of $85 billion in stolen Russian wealth.  That, of course, is Trump’s real attraction to Putin.  He wants that action too.  Putin and the white nationalists surrounding Trump, are making Trump the most useful idiot of all time.

Boy are we fucked!


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