The Opposition – How About a Shadow Govt.

Lots of debate on means and methods of how to dissent from and oppose the Trump administration from constant protests to giving the GOP the same treatment in the Senate they gave Obama.

Why not do what they do in the UK and form a Shadow Cabinet with a Shadow Opposition Leader?  Especially in this circumstance where we’re opposing a potential cabinet of plutocrats and nihilists sent to D.C. to destroy the departments they’re running, it might be a very good P.R. tactic to have a group of competent and statesmanlike public servants, who might have been in a Hillary Clinton cabinet, personify and explicate the opposition.

We could easily populate such a shadow cabinet with people who had those offices during the Clinton and Obama administrations.  At the ready to respond and express opposition to the policies of their Trump counterparts.

State Dept. – John Kerry
Defense – Leon Panetta
Justice – Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder
Labor – Robert Reich or Tom Perez
Agriculture – Vilsack
Energy – Muniz

Etc., etc.  Besides making themselves available to do television and radio commentary, they can hold monthly meetings, and prepare press releases that focus opposition to departmental actions and policies in order to publicize the horrors we expect from Trump’s Suicide Squad that would probably get little coverage.





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