At Least 50 Trump Electors Voted Illegally – Which Should be a “Bombshell” But Won’t Be published a report that looked into the Electors that voted on December 19 and found that at least 50 and probably more were illegally seated based on their own state laws and rules regarding who can be an elector.  It urges Congressmen to prepare objections to be presented on January 6th when the House and Senate meet in joint session to certify the election.

If you want to check out the 1,000 page legal briefing you can here.  It’s probably great work that proves that many Republican electors were ineligible (and some Democrats too) and the election should be invalidated.  However, instead of a white horse riding in to save the day my feeling is the below:

  1. It won’t be taken seriously
  2. If this was a Republican effort to invalidate a Democrat, it would be.

Even though Trump’s entire win is based on the Electoral College, the mechanisms of said group are so arcane that the media will not touch this story, with rare exceptions, and even then it will be too late.  The fact that this process is as baroque as it is undemocratic is just another reason to get rid of it.

Onto the actual merits of the paper.  In short, the investigation showed that there were violations of several pretty simple laws:  1. some Electors were found to be living outside the congressional districts that they represented, 2. some Electors already held state offices in violation of laws that forbid holding more than one office (Florida AG Pam Bondi is also an Elector in contravention of Florida state law).

This Bondi case pretty egregiously flouts the law and illustrates one of the problems with fighting the conservative machine.  They do things and say things that are clearly either illegal, unethical or counterfactual and do it so blithely that it takes a very concerted effort to shine a spotlight on it and raise outrage about it.  Many regular citizens are almost immune to these stories because they just seem too obvious.  People will not believe that the Florida Attorney General didn’t know the law and violated it.  It just doesn’t seem like it could be possible, so it can’t be a thing, or it must be a liberal trick – fake news.

The people who believe that Hillary Clinton is running a child sex ring out of a pizzeria in Georgetown will believe it, they just won’t care because  Bondi is one of them.  Now if it was a Democrat…

So no, this won’t go anywhere.  The logical next step is to accept his presidency and work like hell to keep him and Congress from doing the damage they are planning.  For that the game plan is laid out in Indivisible the report from former Congressional staffers I blogged about on Dec. 15, 2016. Rachel Maddow covered it on 1/4/17.  I’m about 3 weeks ahead of Rachel on this. Kudos me!!


Like the Tea Party, we need to organize, get in your Congressman’s ear and face and push our agenda in the only way that matters – through the press, elections and legislation.

Get to work!

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