Paul Ryan – Defender of Democracy

First the Boy Wonder entertained an idea of barring any unapproved broadcasts from the House floor.  The Speaker controls the C-Span cameras and will turn them off whenever Democrats are trying to broadcast something he doesn’t like.  When John Lewis and company performed their public service sit-in (advocating congressional action on gun control measures that even Republican voters approve of but their representatives can’t vote for) last June, they used Periscope and other newfangled means of streaming to get the message out.  Ryan says that’s verbotten!!!

Today, as messengers tried to deliver nearly 90,000 signatures in support of Planned Parenthood Ryan closed his offices and sent security to meet them so that they couldn’t be delivered.

What a dick!  And keep in mind he’s the thinker in the group.  May God have mercy on his soul (if she can find it)!


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