Trump Voters Want Dems to be a Check

Well of course they do.  And if they’d just voted for Hillary they’d want Republicans to be a check on her. It’s just the good old extraordinary American way that leads to complete chaos and kills progress in its crib.

So yeah, Dave Weigel in the WAPO reports on a Poll by the Center for American Progress, so Republicans won’t believe it anyway, or even if behind closed doors they do, they’ll tell their followers it’s biased and typical libtard propaganda.

The poll actually over sampled self-identified conservatives 44-24 so a 49% approval for Trump is both higher than the national polls and probably not a realistic national number. The relevant finding is:

Depending on how the question was asked, anywhere from 56 percent to 61 percent of voters said that Democratic lawmakers should act as a “check and balance” on the incoming president. (The number was lower if voters were asked specifically if the senator should “block” Trump.)

Following other polls and focus groups, voters of all stripes don’t want Trump and the GOP to do things he didn’t run on.

As comforting as all this is, just sitting back and waiting for everything to crash down on the incompetent yet arrogant GOP is never enough.  Action via protest and congressional contact is best.

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