Divide Between Blue States and Red States Is Getting to Gaping

Kentucky Republicans take over the governorship and state house, immediately dismantle the successful medical insurance exchange known as KYnect and pass a 20 week abortion ban and a right to work for less law.

New York proposes a Bernie Sanders-like free college scheme for its residents.

California hires former Attorney General Eric Holder to help defend the state from federal (read: Trump admin.) encroachment.

These and many more stories illustrate two sides going in two different directions. There are two huge conflicts here: 1. is the federal divide as two opposing governing philosophies cannot find compromise in running the federal government they’re both responsible for; and 2. is the continued injustice of good people in red states who have to live with the effective lack of good government including essentials like education and healthcare.

Hilariously, Gov. Brownback of Kansas, who has run his state into a proverbial fiscal ditch by mindlessly implementing Republican ideology of extreme tax cuts and extreme service cuts, went to D.C. to sell his agenda to Trump. Nevermind the budget shortfalls, credit downgrades, school closures, etc. that caused Dems to win seats in the Kansas legislature in Nov.

Brownback illustrates the greatest problem with the two diverging sides being that one side is so single-minded in its faith in its philosophy and dismissive of the other side (as people, not just their ideas) that they literally are blind to, or in denial of, objective reality.

This is why the legislators in these states are so determined to suppress the vote, further disenfranchising rightful citizens and alienating them from their government. Besides the natural opposition voters in their states, you have independents and others, who can read, who may vote against monolithic GOP misrule.

In the past we had major migrations of population from the south to the north looking for opportunity.  The Great Migration of African Americans that took place in the first half of the 20th century was followed by the de-industrialization of large swaths of the Midwest and Great Lakes region and a reverse migration in the last quarter of the 20th century.

Given how blue states enjoy higher wages, longer life expectancy and generally subsidize the red states with their older,  more rural and less educated populations, could another migration  north and west be in the offing?

While states like NC, GA, TX continue the darkening and urbanization of their populations with the concomitant color change from red to purple and ultimately blue, other states trudge on in the other direction. What hope is there for people in those states?

Add in the burgeoning marijuana industry industry growing in the blue states that are decriminalizing pot, and the great growth of renewable energy, again largely in blue states, there are opportunities in CA, NV, CO, OR, WA, NY, VA, etc. that are harder to find in the South and lower Midwest.

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