I Know Where I Was 48 Years Ago This Day

One of my great regrets is that I never kept a diary because it really would be cool to be able to look back and know what you did and thought on any given day in your history.  (I also know the reason I never kept a diary is that constitutionally I am incapable of such a regular commitment to what amounts to trivia.)  Nevertheless, I can always connect to memories from that day January 12, 1969.

I watched the game with my father at my Aunt Ida’s apartment on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.  We watched in the den with a lot of other people.  She had a color TV.  Big deal in 1969.

Watched a rerun of The Mary Tyler Moore Show recently that showed the gang watching the 1973 Super Bowl on her 15 inch TV.  I’m thinking of getting a 60 inch.   So how much better is life today?  45 inches better!!!

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