Marco Rubio Could End Tillerson, But Will He?

Little Marco did a fine job showing what an empty vessel Tillerson is.  It would seem that his intention would be to vote against, as anybody with integrity should (we’ll revisit this and he would probably be the only Repub. to vote no).  But having that kind of leverage might make Marco think to get a deal out of Trump for something he wants and then go ahead and vote yes.  Or, given that Rubio has not shown any propensity for integrity before, he might just have tantalized with his questioning and then vote yes anyway.  What does he care if he’s inconsistent and awful at his job?  He just got re-elected for a 6 year term after earning a horrible record and stating unequivocally he wouldn’t run again.

So I’ll be happy if he scuttled Tillerson, but I’m not holding my breath.

I’m also thinking that the GOP will end Obamacare and then, as legislative theater and gamesmanship, hold a series of ridiculous one off votes on bringing back certain aspects of the law like covering pre-existing conditions.  That would force Dems to vote with them to save those essential parts of the law.  It’ll be a joke exercise because you can’t actually separate any one of these aspects from the whole and expect it to work for insurance companies, etc., so it’ll be a meaningless exercise.  But after the vote McConnell will be able to say “see, we tried to help people and the Democrats voted against helping people.”

That’s going to happen.

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