Why I Quit Hollywood Revisited

Last September I wrote about a little film project named Monster Trucks, that hadn’t been released yet, and might not be. It was a post called  Why I Quit Hollywood and described the absolutely batshit crazy provenance of that movie project. The artistic endeavor, about monster trucks that are actually monsters (I get it, sure, like what you did there), was released this weekend with ads on TV and everything and amazingly enough it bombed.

Paramount had taken a $115 million write off on this film, whose concept came from the 4 year-old son of a studio executive. Maybe they’ll get to recoup a couple hundred grand. Maybe more if the weather is good this weekend in certain rural areas where they like (actual) monster trucks.

In a month they’ll be pushing it in ads for your cable system’s “on demand” service. As advertising will do, they’ll call it a recent “hit”.


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