CBS’s Atlanta Affiliate Airs Pizzagate Truther Report

Apparently this hiring people without really vetting them thing is catching on.  Ben Swann is an anchor for  the CBS affiliate in Atlanta (which is not directly owned by CBS so they deny any affiliation).  He’s a bit of a right wing conspiracy nut job in the Inforwars, Breitbart vein, which you don’t really expect from your local news anchor anywhere, no less America’s 9th largest TV market.

Swann did a 6 minute “investigation” into crazy conspiracy theory Pizzagate, that asks the important question: why wasn’t this really investigated?

No, really.  He added up the Podesta e-mails about getting pizza, ran them through the nut job conspiracy filter that concocted an imaginary child sex ring involving Podesta and Hillary Clinton in the basement of a D.C. pizza restaurant (that has no basement) that an idiot shot up last month when “self-investigating” and comes up with we need to know more.

I think we need to know more about Ben Swann.  Ex reporter from Russia Today, with Republican nut job connections.

In his last job at Russian state-TV outfit Russia Today in 2015, he reported that “any credible evidence does not seem to exist” that Russia shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, simply that it “fit the narrative the U.S. administration was hoping for.” On his own YouTube channel he said he had “major problems with the theory” that the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting and Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings were each conducted by “lone gunmen.”

This kind of abuse of the airwaves cannot stand.  It’s one thing for people gullible enough to watch Alex Jones or Breitbart to choose those “information” portals.  A local CBS station is conferred a great responsibility to the community.  It’s licensed under the FCC for crying out loud and has to do better than this.

Murrow, Cronkite and Sevareid are grave spinning like a dreidel.


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