Dems Boycotting Inauguration is a Good Sign

The wonderful Michelle Goldberg speaks the truth.  I wish she’d ditch the pixie cut, but she’s great!

…Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen has come to the conclusion that the right will smear Democrats no matter what they do, so they might as well do what they think is right. “There are two different worlds,” he says. “One world is tolerant and accepting and diverse and, in my opinion, thoughtful. It’s two different worlds, and it’s hard to see where there’s a bridge.”

In such a polarized climate, Democrats are less worried than they once were about appealing to an elusive center or winning the approval of bipartisan eminences in Washington. “It used to be that Democrats were terrified about what the centrist establishment would say about them if they showed spine or, heaven forfend, bared their teeth,” says Ben Wikler, Washington director of, which is calling for all Democratic lawmakers to boycott the inauguration. “But now that establishment has been eviscerated. It has been shown to have no power whatsoever. Democrats can see that fighting back is the only option.

It’s a good first step.  Sadly, a lot of the actions being taken or proposed are fine, but would have been better 3 months ago.  Gloria Allred’s suit on behalf of Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos which threatens to subpoena the alleged off air tapes of Trump making racist and sexist comments on the set of the show, might have had a greater effect before the election.  If it does exist and is as bad as reputed then what?  How can somebody with zero moral authority go any further down?

No, the attack is what it should have been all along, not at who he is and his heinous personal behavior, but rather against his ideas and actions in office.  His actions since election and his nominees have already eroded a portion of the support he had on election day.  The attacks on his ridiculous nominees and the obvious self-dealing dishonesty in his campaign about “draining the swamp” and hiring the best people were always going to be more effective attacks.  Trump as president is the best argument against Trump as president and he makes it himself, everyday.

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