The Challenge: A President With No Moral Authority

I have not heard these words in all of the punditry about what we can expect the next 4 years (or less):  we have not had a president in modern times that had absolutely zero moral authority since post-Watergate, pre-resignation Nixon.

This is the essential problem with electing Trump that his dupes ignore.

To review quickly all the sordid, and they really are sordid details of Trump’s life that rational people thought would make him unelectable:

As a developer denied properties to minorities, didn’t pay on contracts, sued thousands of times, bankruptcies, ran casinos into ground, mob ties, unethical business practices, no business record or tax transparency, etc.

As a man, a long record of lies and exaggerations, narcissistic, egocentric, a long record disrespectful comments towards women, accused of unwanted advances and groping, admitted to unwanted advances and groping, married three times, divorced twice, admitted extramarital affairs, ran a phony self-dealing charity, racist and sexist statements, support for racists, misogynists, xenophobes, etc.

The election and post-election brings us an unprecedented level of dishonest behavior and possible foreign bad actor involvement.

Let’s not leave out the crazy business of the unprecedented nature of the First Lady being a former nude model with questions about her early immigration status who gave a plagiarized speech.  She too has no moral authority and cannot be expected to adopt the traditional First Lady position.

The bottom line is that for those who are not duped, Donald Trump has absolutely no moral authority and a president with no moral authority cannot lead.

Our Constitution and laws only have provisions for presidents that commit high crimes and misdemeanors.  A lack of moral authority and irreparable conflicts of interest were never considered necessary because faith in the electors ability to identify and disqualify truly bad actors was always a given.

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