Yes, Stupid But Crazy Too

We are in for unprecedented stupid from our government that will just have to be countered with rational moral rage.

Lawmakers in Wyoming want to outlaw renewable energy.  Yeah, actually outlaw the use of wind and solar because they’re a big coal producer and coal must not be ignored!!


Wyoming, with its population of under 600,000, which makes it over-represented in the the Electoral College (they have 3 EVs, although just 1 congressperson, but that person is Liz Cheney, so yeah) and way, way over-represented in the Senate (2 just like California), has a lot of coal.  It also has a lot of wind, but wind isn’t cool.  You know coal and cool are only 1 letter off.

Still, Wyoming has waged a quasi-war on wind. Wyoming is the only state in the country that taxes wind energy production, and a proposed tax increase has effectively stalled a Wyoming power company’s plans to build the largest wind farm in the country. Like most of the wind power already generated by the state, the power generated by the massive Carbon County wind farm will head to other states. While this new bill would allow out-of-state wind power sales to continue, it certainly discourages future renewable energy development…

“Why would [legislators] try to drag down solar and wind, two potentially successful industries that could make a home in the state?” editors at the Casper Star-Tribune asked, adding that the lawmakers are “shutting out potential sources of revenue.”

Because somehow, all that space, all that good clean air and Christian family values must make you crazy.  And stupid.  But really crazy.  Rabbit boiling in the pot crazy.

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