Don’t Laugh – Joe Piscopo Wants to Be My Governor

This is what we have to look forward to.  Piscopo has plans to cut pensions for teachers, police and firefighters, but get rid of their income taxes.  Seriously.

He also wants to privatize the Garden State Parkway (what exit are you from?)

Piscopo said the deal to forgive taxes would not include most state workers, but stressed that this one facet of a broader effort to save pensions for the state’s 800,000 active and retired public workers.

He said he would soon debut a plan to call for the privatization of both the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway by leasing them to Fortune 500 companies, albeit only with union support.

“You’d need to go to what I’d call a ‘mega-company’ like a Johnson & Johnson or AT&T,” said Piscopo, who predicted leasing out the state’s busiest toll highway in exchange for naming rights could yield significant savings and help fund pensions.

I’m not a praying man.  But I welcome your entreaties to a higher being.  2018 should be a good year for Democrats in NJ, but with what we’ve just been through… one would hope the cautionary tale would take hold… but who knows?

Joe Fucking Piscopo for fuck’s sake.

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