Oscar Nominations Are What They Are (Always)

Oscar noms (that’s what we in the industry (and by the industry I mean the business) call them).

I have one huge problem personally, that being that I (and Mrs. Polislice) HATED “La La Land.”  If it wins it’ll instantly go down in history with “Crash” as a “what we’re they thinking” choice.  It’s an exceptionally polarizing choice with as many people who hate it as love it.  I’m puzzled by the love.  In a purported musical the singing and dancing should be at least good.  It isn’t. Stone and Gosling have reed-thin voices, uncertain and weak. And their dancing? Limited.  The kid in the wheelchair on Glee had more moves.

All that said, the story is as thin as their voices.  It’s just about their love story and their relationship with their ambitions.  No B story, no other characters to invest in or support them!  No ensemble at all.  It was truly disappointing and way too long.

I’ve seen 5 of the 9 nominated films so far and I’d go with “Moonlight”one and “Fences” two, of the ones I’ve seen.

But I think my favorite film of the year was “Captain Fantastic” with Viggo Mortensen. Hardly anybody saw it, but I really enjoyed it.  He plays a guy who took his wife and six kids really and truly off the grid years ago and has been raising the kids in a verrrrry unique way.  Suffice to day they celebrate Noam Chomsky Day on the pubic intellectual’s birthday. Then something happens that changes their lives.  You know, the way a story is supposed to be told (looking at you “La La Land”). Very recommended.

Mortensen’s performance is certainly Oscar worthy because a lot of actors would have played him as a raving maniac and he’s not, he’s just a father trying to prepare his kids for life in a crazy world.  It’s very good and it’s a shame more people haven’t seen it.


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