We’re Officially Under Siege – The Cold Civil War I Warned You About

The news today is very, very bad.  Trump has revealed himself to be an ideologically conventionally conservative, anti-regulation, anti-choice, anti-consumer, Republican. But because he’s Trump, and has to do everything bigger and more underhandedly with less concern for truth, ethics and morality, it’s over the top conservative, anti-regulation, anti-choice, anti-consumer, Republicanism.

Making the Voice of America into an American RT, a propaganda media outlet that will project inside the U.S. too.

Trump revives Keystone Pipeline (that nobody even wants anymore) and Dakota Pipeline.

Federal workers were told to stop all external communications as they will be muzzled to only issue messages approved by Trump.

The USDA was put on lockdown

The EPA is being gutted.

The VA has a hiring freeze!

It’s on folks. We live in an autocracy where norms, science, bipartisanship no longer exist. Trump is determined to turn the entire country into Kansas – a failed experiment that they will never admit failed, as it all falls apart around them and people really suffer.

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