The Orange Empire Strikes – A New Hope Emerges

The thing of it is that this weirdly anachronistic international white nationalist movement is frustrating because so much of the world is beyond this bullshit. The anti-science thing, the re-embrace of religion. Anti-woman, anti-choice, traditional gender roles? Do they really think the old days/ways were better? And even if they do, how do they intend to put the genii back in the bottle without conflict, force, uprising?

It just doesn’t make any sense. It’s just a shame that we can’t wait out this global tantrum by spoiled children who aren’t emotionally mature enough to get over the changes in the world – real people suffer and die needlessly, the planet suffers.

On the hopeful side, there will be pockets of smart. If America won’t fund family planning in the third world, the Dutch will step in.

They can say they’re going to revive 19th century technologies, but nobody is building more coal burning plants, not even the Chinese. The oil pipelines Trump “revived” may be more of a tweak at progressives than actual plans. The economics of the Keystone Pipeline just don’t work anymore with cheap oil. And everybody except the bloody minded gets that the smallest failure of these pipes cases nasty destruction, not easily remedied.

While these morons keep beating the drum for buggy whips, the rest of the world has moved on. No matter how much Trump hates wind turbines, they’re going up. Now finally offshore too as NY State has committed to using 50% renewable power by 2030. And the price of solar just keeps dropping so panels keep going up a record rates.

Not to be all rosy in the face of the Orange Menace, but like with any childish supermarket tantrum, it’s upsetting at the moment, but if you just keep on pushing the cart down the aisle and don’t give in, you may get some disapproving looks, but the child will tire themselves out and you will not fucking buy Power Rangers Go-Gurts!

So get out there, march, care, give, call. And never buy Power Rangers Go-Gurts! Who fucking needs that shit!?

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