“What do you think of President Trump?” An appropriate question for an immigrant with a visa?

The Muslim Ban that they deny is a Muslim Ban, that only covers 7 countries that Trump doesn’t do business in and have never produced one terrorist on American soil, is exactly what you get when arrogant amateurs, not knowing what they don’t know (and not caring) without consulting their betters, make policy.

This in the details is a coup for the white nationalist anger monger, Nazi sympathizer, Steve Bannon.

On Friday a group of longtime non-partisan professionals in the State Dept. were fired, removing decades of institutional knowledge.

On Friday and Saturday orders were vomited out that put this un-American, poorly thought out, cruel and Gerry-rigged ban into place and elevated Bannon to the National Security Council.

That’s legitimately chilling in and of itself.

Immediately, Dept. of Homeland Security officials had to interpret the orders, as actual live people were on airplanes and at airports, people with visas, people who had been vetted and waited years to come to America, including interpreters who had served American forces in Iraq, were going to become pawns in Bannon’s campaign of fear. The officials thought, well, surely the ban wasn’t meant to keep these people out. For all of Trump’s dishonest and misleading bluster about “extreme vetting” what these people had gone through to get their legal visas was as extreme a vetting process as humanly posssible. It would be cruel and stupid. But Bannon countermanded that and asserted that yes, we meant this to be as cruel and stupid and counterproductive as you imagine.

After everything they’d been through, on the precipice of a new life in America these people looking for a new life were subjected to the cruelest torture of “extreme vetting”.

“What do you think of President Trump,” they were asked. And with that question they were made, in some part comfortable, because that’s the kind of question they were used to in their countries, run by authoritarian dictators, counsels of mullahs, political parties run by religious sects, etc.

At that moment when Donald Trump and Steve Bannon were keeping them from their goal of a new life in America, they had to do what they’d always done in countries with no free speech. They had to lie. They had to say “I like the guy.”

Welcome to the new America, just like the old country you escaped.

Oh and after saying all that we can add that our allies think we’ve lost our minds and Iraq and Isis will profit.

Soros is going to go broke funding all of these protests.

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