Are Our Institutions Strong Enough to Withstand This President?

That was the question somebody asked on talk radio (Thom Hartman’s show). But it’s a fallacious question because it’s not just one man.  It’s an entire political party that is going along with him for the ride and the minority of the population that wholeheartedly supports them and the promises he made.

Our institutions are only as strong as the dedication to them by our citizens.  A very large number of of our fellow citizens have no dedication to them at all.  They are ends justify the means people, so they’ll use the Constitution and our institutions if it suits them – they’ll go to court if they think it’ll work for them.  But they’re just fine going around them as well.  That’s where we are.

It’s where we’ve been with  the GOP for a while, which is why Merrick Garland is not on the Supreme Court and a whole raft of legislation was never even given consideration during the Obama years.  It’s why voter suppression and toxic gerrymandering has already given them almost unassailable legislative advantages and big chunks of the country are completely blinkered on essential facts of history, science and math.  The GOP and their right wing nut bag echo chamber didn’t get to where they are by respecting institutions.

The fact is they’ve been taking us down the road to civil war for a long time and it was only the great orange abomination that has woken many people up to that.

In a water cooler discussion when someone said “we’re screwed until the next election.” My Italian friend, who knows something about fascism, flat out said “if there is one.” That’s not a joke anymore.  1. even if there is they can rig it and would, and 2. if you think it’s automatic that they would respect an election they lost check out NC after McCrory lost and then think all 50 states and amplified.

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