Another Reason to Never Eat Fast Food

It’s not just the food that’s bad for us all.  It’s even the wrappers.  Not just that all that crap the crap comes in is crap that will inevitably go to landfills, but the wrappers contain chemicals that infect our bodies and waterways and do not break down.

One of the substances that was once popular for grease-proofing, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), is a slippery, man-made chemical that is great at resisting water and was once essential to dozens of products including DuPont’s nonstick Teflon, Gore-Tex waterproof clothing, fire-fighting products, and microwave popcorn bags. PFOA refuses to break down, even at high temperatures, making it really hard to get rid of… Because of its link to health problems, PFOA was phased out of production in the United States by 2011 and is now banned for use in food packaging here…

And they found evidence that the next generation of grease-resisting substances, known as per- and polyfluoroalkyls (PFCs or PFASs for short), are also still turning up in food wrappers and boxes—despite concerns that these chemicals persist in the environment and have molecular structures similar to that of PFOA.

It’s not so hard to beat the fast food habit if you think of it this way: every time you eat fast food it is a failure.  You wouldn’t eat a box of poison just because you’re hungry and it’s convenient, would you?

Save up and do Shake Shack once in a while, that’s okay stuff.

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