Trump Turned off Recording Equipment for Putin Call

How very Nixonian of him.  No, transcripts coming from the WH, although the Kremlin says it went very well.  Well, nothing of interest there, then.  I’m, sure it didn’t go like this:

Trump:  Thanks again for your help with the election.  The sanctions are going to be lifted, little by little.

Putin:  Cool, I’ll be taking Ukraine shortly.  And don’t spend that 19% taste of Rosneft all in one place.  So how is NATO?

Trump:  NATO?  I’m not familiar with that term.  Did you hear Beyonce is having twins?

Putin:  Yes, my intelligence services told me.  Okay, got gays to persecute.

Trump: Vlad, that’s what a Vice President is for.

Putin:  Ugh, Pence creeps me out.  Pretend to believe in God and use religion to dupe people, how can you actually believe that crap?  We’re not on speakerphone are we?

Trump:  No.  He says “Hi” to you too.   Bannon sends you air kisses.

Putin:  Sweet guy.  Ok.  See you soon.


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