My 97 Year Old Father Can Get a Gun Now, Thank You GOP

Mind you we took away his driver’s license when he was 81, but now, thanks to the Republicans in Congress, he can get a a gun.  The other people in the nursing home will no doubt welcome this turn of events.  Hopefully they’ll all get armed now and the fights over the last Jello-O just won’t happen anymore because as I always say – armed nursing home inhabitants are friendly nursing home inhabitants.

House votes to overturn Obama gun rule that kept people so mentally impaired that they cannot manage their own finances from being able to buy a gun.

Second amendment bitches!!

CNN interviewed GOP Senator (NRA Lickspittle-WY) John Barrasso about it and of course he saw it the way I do.

CAMEROTA: If someone has a mental illness so severe that they cannot work, should they be able to have a gun?

BARRASSO: The question is somebody able to have a gun at the same time they’re receiving Social Security disability benefits. You can take a look at how those decisions are being made. So up until last month, for —

CAMEROTA: Disability for a mental illness.

BARRASSO: — Seven, eight years of President Obama’s term, it was fine. And to come out with a midnight regulation at this point that maybe even members of his own party don’t support, seems like just another thing that President Obama has done while leaving the White House to try to gum up the works as he leaves.

CAMEROTA: Senator, are you comfortable with somebody having a mental disability and having a gun?

BARRASSO: You can take a look at what the Constitution says which is what I do as a physician who spent lots of time working with patients with all different backgrounds. They’re clearly people who have been labeled one way or another, and I’m not comfortable with this late midnight recommendation by the president as he’s leaving office.

It’s always handy to remember that Barrasso works in a gun-free zone protected by a special police force just for Congress.

In continuing efforts to Make America Great Again:

The House is also expected Friday to strike down the Interior Department’s methane emissions standards.

No joke necessary, I think.  (But if this is too subtle for you and you need the obligatory Congress/methane emissions joke send 10 cents in coin to Merkle Press and you will be sent the text of the joke).

If the “send 10 cents in coin to Merkle Press” is a reference you’re familiar with you’re old.

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