Remember the “Bowling Green Massacre”? The Minister of Propaganda is the only One Who Does

This is one of the reasons why these people should never be on my TV.  The Minister of Propaganda (a/k/a Kellyanne Conway or Lying Barbie) justified the Muslim ban by citing “The Bowling Green Massacre”, which, if you haven’t heard of it it’s because the media didn’t cover it presumably because Soros paid them to cover up murders by Muslim extremists.

So point 1: nobody was murdered, certainly not massacred in Bowling Green KY by any Muslim extremists.  There were a couple of Iraqis who were arrested in 2011 for attempting to send weapons and money to al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Point 2:  That story was widely covered by the media.  A TV report from ABC is attached to The Minister’s walk back tweet.

Spin is natural in politics. Flat out lying and misinforming (whether on purpose or because the politico is misinformed themselves) is pretty new at this level.  I mean we’ve had crazy Congressmen like Tom Tancredo, Steve King, Michelle Bachmann and Louie Goumert (Google dumbest Congressman of all time if you ever forget his name), but nothing this pathetic at the presidential level.  The Bush people were much more artful dissemblers than Conway or Spicer. Sad!

Oh and the Trumpists have said nothing about Quebec since a white nationalist did it. It doesn’t fit their propaganda so it doesn’t exist.  Double sad!!

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