New Yorkers Come Together to “Wipe Out” Hate With Hand Sanitizer

Because “There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?”

I’ve been criticizing American actions in foreign policy since I could understand them, around 1971. Contrary to the crowd that said “America, love it or leave it,” everyone I’ve ever encountered that felt shame over America’s misguided dastardly colonial acts did so out of patriotism. They spoke out, protested and engaged in civil disobedience out of the idealism of belief that we should be better than this.

Narcissist Trump engaged in the most cynical and breathtakingly tone deaf “what aboutism” when he said the above in order to defend the indefensible Russian autocratic murderer Putin.

It’s actually besides the point that if an elected Democrat had said that, well, you don’t have to finish the thought. Hounding that person out of public service would be the least of it.

The real divide in America is that many people deserve such an immoral moron as president. But many Americans do not.  The people on this subway car do not.

We will wipe away the stains on America that Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are. It’ll take more than hand sanitizer. Democracy sanitizer is education, activism, love

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